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The Story Behind Brooklyn Ubuciko Festival
This idea was born out of an obstacle that faced the team at Brooklyn Ubuciko Festival. Being passionate about giving talented artists a platform to share their gifts with the world, the team planned a major festival. Unfortunately, the plans for this festival came to a halt when the world was grasped by the cold hands of the Coronavirus. This led the team to brainstorm a new way that they could offer artists the same opportunity. As they were scratching their heads, the team came up with the brilliant idea of hosting the festival, but completely online.

The team then searched around and found that the standard way that event planners use to broadcast their shows online did not accurately capture the pre-COVID-19 experience of being in the audience and being tantalized by the talent of performers. From this observation, the company went on a search for a new way to entertain virtual patrons. This led to the innovative use of 3D Virtual Reality for their events.”


Season 1


Cito Blanko



J. Isaak

J. Isaak


Marcus Charles

Passport Rav ft. Fenix the Gypsy

Passport Rav ft. Fenix the Gypsy


Will Reese

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